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CoverTek is the name for our cover products made from appropriately chosen textiles.  Made to high standards, these covers combine simple functionality while giving you an opportunity to personalize your use of products for your vehicle.  Who else gives you a way to economically add your own individual touches to your vehicle's appearance?  The answer is simple... only CoverTek!

The filter covers are designed to extend the life of your air intake filter while also giving you a way to advertise your company or group logo.  The covers work equally well on both oiled and non-oiled filter elements to prevent larger debris from prematurely reducing critical air flow to your or your customers' engines.


10/29/2011 - We have had to discontinue handling individual orders.  We are now WHOLESALE only with a minimum order quantity of 20 covers.

Individual or small orders can be placed through either of the following companies, but custom graphics are no longer available except for bulk orders:




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